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About Us

We are communication skills specialists with more than 30 years experience working with children and adults who have complex conditions and needs. We offer both diagnosis and therapy for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

We also work with children who have developmental delay, intellectual disability, syndromes, cerebral palsy, head injury and genetic anomalies.

Does your child have difficulty with speech, language, learning, play or social interaction skills. We can help. No child is too young to benefit from communication skills therapy.

We are skilled at working collaboratively with other providers and disciplines in diagnosis and therapy. It’s not difficult to incorporate and share goals and techniques with other therapists and to share your own with them.

You can be confident that every program we write and therapy session we conduct is based on sound scientific research and evidence based therapy techniques and is tailored individually to your child. No matter what the diagnosis no two children are the same.


The first session is always a functional and communication skills assessment.

Speech therapy and individual sessions are usually of 1 or 2 hours duration and parents are always welcome to attend. However should you choose to leave your child with us, we will update you on progress after each session and provide you with home practice and materials.

Social Skills groups are either 1.5 or 3 hrs duration and parents do not attend these sessions. We offer small group therapy sessions for both younger children (2.5 – 5yrs) and older children (6 – 13yrs).

These groups are therapy focused and are not “free play”. Younger children are supported in developing verbal and play/social interaction skills, and often attend as a preparation for kindergarten. Older children benefit from learning skills to help them address the difficulties they experience in peer group social interaction-conversation, presenting, sharing and co-operative play/activities, adjustment to changes and transitioning, winning and losing, ect.

The three hour groups are attended by younger children and although they stimulate speech, language and play skills across a range of games and activities, the approach and pace is more relaxed than the 1.5hr groups.

All our social skills groups are popular because they are fun and the practical skills gained generalize well to home and school.